Premium Australian Shower Niche & Recesses

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Ripple Shampoo niches are designed to fit perfectly

with Australian timber frame construction techniques.

12 Reasons to Get YOUR Shower Niche & Footrests from Ripple Systems

  1. Australian made
  2. Pre formed and ready to tile
  3. Totally waterproof
  4. Attractive practical alternative to a traditional wire shampoo caddy
  1. Install in Minutes
  2. Improve bathroom look and function
  3. Proven European system
  4. Models to suit both 70mm and 90mm house frames
  1. Guaranteed to never rot or degrade
  2. Easy to Clean
  3. Custom sizes to order
  4. Free Freight on All Orders across the Eastern States!

Australian Bathroom Niche and Renovation Supplies

Bathrooms are supposed to be intimate spaces within a house that allow homeowners to refresh, relax, and unwind. To facilitate this, bathrooms are designed to be extremely convenient and ergonomic as possible. It can still be frustrating, however, for homeowners to organise their bathrooms when such spaces typically lack surfaces and/or storage spaces to put their toiletries aside. These change, with the help of Ripple Systems.

Ripple Systems Australia is a manufacturer of specialty bathroom building supplies that are perfect for smart bathroom renovations. Looking to improve the functionality of your shower space? Could the space use a more suitable bathroom shelf that is within easy reach? We can address all these problems, and more. Choose our products, and improve the comfort and intimacy of your bathroom today.


Ripple Systems Australia’s PRE-FORMED READY TO TILE shampoo niches are Australia’s oldest and most proven manufacturer of these high quality must-have bathroom products.

In addition to handy shower recesses, we also produce corner footrests that bathers can use to rest their foot on as they shave.

We will provide superior finish and faster FREE DELIVERY across all Eastern States of Australia (QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT), offering a greater array of niches sizes. If you are within our service area, you can be assured that our shower recess products are promptly delivered in time for your renovation project.


Used by Builders / Tilers / Architects / Renovators / Handymen Women – Ripple Systems “in wall” Soap and Shampoo caddies are far and away the easiest and quickest to install items of their type.

An in-wall shower niche not only makes for a seamless bathroom design with little need for additional shelf space, but it is also much more secure versus bathroom shelves that still have to be nailed to the wall.

If you are planning an ergonomic bathroom renovation anytime soon, you might want to consider our products, and how they can enhance the space further.

Are there any shipping costs?

Shipping to all Eastern States (QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT) is completely free. All other states and territories are $24 Inc. GST per unit.

I need a custom size - can you help me?

Absolutely! Simply contact us online with your requirements, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and delivery estimate.

View our range of Shower Niches and Footrests

What are they made from:

Manufactured from XPS (extruded polystyrene) and or EPS (extra heavy duty expanded polystyrene) then coated with a waterproof elastomeric membrane.

This surface readily accepts all types of standard tile adhesives and is also compatible with the vast majority of waterproofing membranes.


Besides that they just look great! They also provide more usable space inside a shower cubicle.

With 1000’s of installations and zero failures these ready to tile units have stood the test of time and are guaranteed against rot and degradation. Our shower shelf products are completely waterproof, can be installed in minutes and tiled over, and our customers are free to select custom sizes and dimensions to suit their bathrooms.

For more information about our products, call us on 0422 232 414 or complete our online Contact form.

With Ripple System’s Shower Recesses and Shampoo Holders, there’ll be no more protruding soap dish or the slowly rusting hanging shower caddy taking up valuable internal room in your bathroom.

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