What is a Shower Niche and Shower Recess?

and how you'll wonder how you ever lived without one

Ripple shower Shampoo Niches are an attractive alternative to the usual chrome plated shampoo caddy.

Their unique in-wall design allows you to tile your niche with the same tile as the surrounding walls.

These clever storage units are cost effective, practical and look terrific. And to top it off they don’t intrude into the shower space like conventional soap holders but comfortably accommodate even the extra large shampoo bottles.

Shampoo niches and footrests have traditionally only been found in very upmarket custom built homes. This is because Shampoo niches and footrests have usually been difficult for builders to to fabricate – taking into account that they must be totally square, with the right amount of slope and have their many joins waterproofed perfectly.

Ripple Niches and footrests have removed the complications by manufacturing pre-formed, perfectly square, totally waterproof, pre-sloped units that are a joy to tile and simple to install.

Constructed from waterproof XPS, Ripple Shower accessories are coated in a special elastomeric polymer. This special coating provides the perfect surface for tile adhesives of all types to bond to.

Like their Shampoo niches, Ripple footrests are easily installed waterproof and very affordable. Anyone that has used a shower with a built in footrest wouldn’t have a new home without one.

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Are there any shipping costs?

Shipping to all Eastern States (QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT) is completely free. All other states and territories are $24 Inc. GST per unit.

I need a custom size - can you help me?

Absolutely! Simply contact us online with your requirements, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and delivery estimate.

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