What Our Client's Say

Thank God I found these. My husband said a soap dish was fine but I had seen these in wall shampoo shelves in a lot of display homes and had to have them.

After finding these online and showing my partner the install video on the website, he now thinks he is awesome for creating such a pretty thing.

I have 2 in my shower and went for the footrest also. Cost less than three hundred dollar for all the units and My Ensuite shower now makes me smile every time I use it.

Too easy – Far and away the easiest and best bang for your buck part of our bathroom renovation.  My tiler didn’t want to make them. So I bought these on line and stuck them in myself. He was happy when he saw them installed, but did charge me a bit extra to tile them. Money well spent In my opinion.

Get the footrest ! I don’t know how I ever got by with out it.

I wasn’t going to use these as my last bathroom required repairs due to a leak.

These looked foolproof though and my best friend has had the Ripple niches in for years

I am very happy with the easy installation of this shower niche and how well they turned out once the tiles were fitted.

The added bonus of having the shower niche pre-waterproofed was a great idea.