As one of the most intimate spaces in a home, bathrooms need to be personalised extensively in order to suit the particular needs of the homeowner. Over time, homeowners might even consider renovating their own bathrooms, usually to accommodate a larger, changing household. A feature on the website published last November 19, 2014 lists a number of tips homeowners should take to heart before jumping into a bathroom renovation project. Regarding general bathroom design, the feature dispenses the following advice:

Bathroom Renovations

A STUNNING bathroom might look impressive, but the real success of a bathroom design hinges on how it works from a practical point of view, more than how it looks aesthetically.

Bathroom makeovers are not cheap so there is pressure to make the correct decisions at the beginning.

It is important to give careful consideration to proportion, scale, heights and measurements of all of your elements in conjunction with each other, as well as colour selection and accessory choices.

Urban living means that space is getting tighter, so most often the space should be suitable for use by multiple people.

Ergonomics is the name of the game when you start a bathroom renovation project. Each new change you introduce into a bathroom needs to contribute to the functionality of the space. If you are planning a renovation, particularly because your family is growing bigger and needs a more accommodating bathroom, then you should look into bathroom features that seamlessly integrate into the space without making much clutter. One such feature is a built-in bathroom shelf from manufacturers like Ripple Systems Australia.

If you do not have the money to pay for an extension of the room during the renovation, you will have to work with the limited space allotted by your bathroom. You will want to avoid attaching any fixtures that stick out of the wall, such as towel bars and magazine racks, and instead opt for built-in racks to save on room. Additionally, smaller fixtures such as a corner shower foot rest can enhance the functionality of the bathroom, allowing users to conveniently accomplish multiple tasks (i.e. showering and shaving) without moving around too much.

(Source: Bathroom renovations made easy by following a few simple rules,, Nov. 18, 2014)

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