Bathroom designs are becoming much more sophisticated, thanks to the evolving tastes of today’s stylish homeowners. Indeed, a feature on the Dailylife website dated November 14, 2014 details various tips on how homeowners can redesign their bathrooms to look like those found in luxury resorts. Notably, the very first suggestion the article makes is that homeowners should consider installing a modish freestanding bathtub:

Create a Resort-Style Bathroom

Until recently, freestanding tubs were a holiday-only indulgence, as they were hard to find, exxy and required a larger floorspace. But their popularity has brought the price down in recent years, and the one time status-symbols are now more affordable and practical than you may think. Here are two options at opposite ends of the price range.

Splash out on…

The moody monochromatic ‘Scoop’ bathtub (above) is made in Italy and will set you back $13,995 at Rogerseller. These days most tubs are made from porcelain enamel, acrylic or stone, but the ‘Scoop’ is cast from the world’s first eco-sustainable, recyclable solid surface, Cristalplant.

Freestanding tubs have a unique design appeal of their own, drawing immediate attention to themselves the moment a person walks into the bathroom. Most modern freestanding tubs are simple in design, allowing them to fit amongst most contemporary bathroom themes. Placing an actual bathroom shelf next to such a simple design can make the space look cluttered and awkward, so homeowners planning to install a freestanding bathtub might want to consider an in-wall shower shelf to complement the fixture.

Those looking to install freestanding tubs in their bathrooms should keep in mind that unlike built-in or sunken tubs, freestanding models take up considerable space. To add external bathroom storage options (like a wooden shelf or cabinet) in a space already dominated by a sizeable tub can make the area appear cramped, unless the bathroom is large enough to accommodate everything. Built-in shelving is a better alternative to keep bathrooms orderly, and can serve as minimalist shower caddies for freestanding bathtub shower combos. These shelving options are available from reputable manufacturers such as Ripple Systems Australia, saving homeowners from having to ask contractors to build one from scratch.

(Source: How to create a resort-style bathroom,, Nov. 14, 2014)

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