Space is always a concern in any part of the house. People like to make the most of their space and not just carelessly place things around and end up making the place look cluttered. This is especially true of the bathroom. Unless you are one of those who have a big, luxurious bathroom that is roughly the size of a bedroom, then you probably have a smaller standard-sized one where space is a concern.

Homeowners need not worry, however, as there are design tips and ideas that aim to make the most of the space in a small bathroom. One such idea is to make use of a bathroom shower shelf or caddy, where all the things you would need when showering can be placed and so will take up less space. There are a number of shower caddy types to choose from, and each are as functional as the other.

Traditional shower caddies are simple compartments that are usually mounted on the wall, but there are some that can be installed on top of the bathtub. One clever thing that homeowners do is to buy a corner shower caddy, which is especially practical since the corner of the shower is hardly used. Another popular type is the built-in or recessed shower caddy. This one is built into the wall and virtually does not take any space at all, perhaps making it even more practical than the corner caddies.

One of the recommendations when talking about making the most of bathroom space is maximising vertical space. The walls of the bathroom are usually empty but these are the best spots to put storage for various things needed for the bathroom. When painted with the right colour, it can make the bathroom seem larger than it really is.

Designing a small bathroom may sound like a daunting task, but in reality it could be more fun, as there are clever ways to go about it. The basic idea is to declutter and clear up any unnecessary elements so that the bathroom doesn’t feel crowded. Afterwards, installing smaller bathroom elements would make the room feel bigger.

Those looking for a shower caddy in Australia should get them from companies who handle bathroom installations, like Ripple Systems. Let them help you find the caddy that will work best for you and your bathroom will have that much more space to go around.


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