Think of the most cluttered places in your home. Is it your round-the-clock busy kitchen? Your child’s bedroom or playroom? The living room? When you take a harder, closer look at your bathroom, you’ll find that the bathroom is usually the last to be cleaned up, and the various bath and grooming clutter remains in there for days.

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Believe it when you’re told that when there’s grooming, there’s clutter. Nonetheless, bathrooms get the priority for small or full-scale bathroom renovations, next to kitchens.

Clutter is a vexing problem in any limited space. The compact nature of the average-sized bathroom makes it constantly expedient to leave things around, especially when not much storage space have been built in there. Without closets, shelves, or adequate niches to keep things in order, it will be extremely difficult for anyone to find a place for the basic bathroom stuffs one would need. This could turn out quite inconvenient especially when the bathroom is shared by more than two people.

Luckily, decluttering can be painless with a few nifty tricks. First, decide on the things you need to throw away. In a small bathroom, store only what you need, one brand at a time; if you need to try three different shampoos on three different days, store the others away until you need them. Keep the things you use more often than the others. Practice a special rule: One in, two out. For every new grooming product you bring in, toss or give away something extra in there.

Make storage a priority. The solution is really simple: if you don’t have enough storage space, create them. Assess your bathroom space and identify the places where you could store things like under the sink, or places where you could install shelves and hooks, or surfaces where you could carve hidden storage bays, or a bathroom niche. Additional storage needs, such as niches and recesses (many are preformed and ready-to-tile) can be found at specialty bathroom supplies centres like Ripple Systems.

Group similar items together, and sort them into their proper categories (i.e. cosmetics, hair care, skin care, medical, etc.). Label containers on shelves, especially if you’re sharing the bathroom with other people. Tidy up the shelves, sink, curtain, toilet, and floor space by putting everything away or putting things in order—for that clutter-free feel and look.


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