A large or small bathroom space would not matter if different items are cluttered and misplaced everywhere. From baskets to trays, different storage organizers may be used to arrange towels and toiletries in one place, and even reduce the risk of accidents from the disorder. To save more space, a recessed shower shelf may be installed for small bathroom items.


If you believe you require more space in your bathroom, you may choose to have a recess renovation instead of adding more bulky cabinets by calling on shower niche companies like Ripple Systems. Bathroom renovators like them offer pre-fabricated and waterproof recessed shower shelves to provide more space to small bathrooms, or large ones already cramped full. Ready-to-tile types made of durable materials are more practical now and are ideal for a more convenient remodeling.

Recess renovations in bathrooms are slowly becoming a trend among homeowners for its ability to create quality space in any bathroom size. Recessed shelves or shower niches can take advantage of any extra space found inside the shower area, behind the door or the wall, and build any recessed shelving unit depending on the size of the space. Larger spaces have enough room for a floor-to-ceiling design while medicine cabinets could only hold a simple house frame.

Other than extra space, shower niches may also be placed at any part of the bathroom wall as long as they won’t obstruct any drainage pipes. This effective storage organizer is most suitable for bathrooms located in the attic with limited headroom. Shower niches won’t cramp the breathing space while being able to keep your bathroom pieces safe.

If you’re going to have a complete overhaul or will merely be tidying up, it is crucial to have an inventory of all the bathroom items and segregate the essentials from those items that you can place somewhere else. Shower niches may also be turned into in-wall shower caddies for bathing items like shampoos, soaps, and hair dryer. Expensive bathroom systems like underfloor heating and other modern equipment may be postponed for future house expansion.

Even if you have a recess renovations, other bathroom organizers may still be employed like baskets and bins for extra space of future items. Hanging other types of shower caddies would also help in carrying curling iron and combs.

(Source: Recess Time: Boost Your Bathroom Storage with a Niche. Houzz.com)

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