A small bathroom can be hard to work with in terms of designing, but there are a number of options that can be added or changed like a sleek shower shelf, shower curtain, or new floor tiles, which can make a difference to your bathroom.

Tips for outfitting a tiny bathroom

The toilet is typically positioned opposite the door in most small bathrooms, and an elongated toilet may not be optimal and restrict the door’s swing. If your bathroom does have an elongated toilet, consider having it switched to a round toilet, which takes up less space. If you do not want or are unable to replace the toilet, then consider changing the door instead to a smaller one, or a sliding variant.

Small bathroom sinks are easy to find, and when choosing a sink, take the faucet size into account. Be sure that the water sprays just within the sink and there is enough room for your hands. You can also change the feel of the bathroom by going for either the classic or the modern designs not only for the faucet, but for the other fixtures as well.

Showers can be built in any size, and much smaller bathrooms even only have the shower and no separation between it and the toilet. Storage space is a problem with small bathrooms, and that’s why it’s ideal to go with a recessed shower caddy in Australia as it takes up minimal space because it is embedded in the wall. Bathtubs aren’t advisable as they take up too much space, but there are bathtubs available in small sizes, but make sure it fits the bathroom well.

Lighting in a small bathroom should be limited to a few fixtures, since you wouldn’t want to, nor do you need to go overboard when illuminating a small space. Typically, one light source is enough. Recessed ceiling lights are best to create balanced lighting.

Besides the fixtures, the colour scheme can do wonders for your bathroom. From the towels, to the soap dispensers, to the wall paint, be sure to pick hues or colour combinations that are pleasing to you. You’ll be walking in and out of the bathroom throughout the day, so the colours must be something you’d like to see every now and then.

(Source: Tips for outfitting a tiny bathroom, The Seattle Times)

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