If you are tired of loose shower caddies falling off their hooks or decaying into rusty buckets, consider going up-market and installing a recessed bathroom shelf from leading providers like Ripple Systems. In fact, savvy builders are including these as part of a standard new build bathroom or shower design. Usually, more than one storage shelf is the way to go so as to accommodate the many people using the bathroom and everyone else who wants to leave some things in there.

Don’t despair if you have an old house where nothing was attached to the walls to help you out with storage, these built-in shelves are easy to install. As long as you are working with a stud wall, the basic process is to draw an outline of your niche against the wall, cut out the rectangular outline, insert the bathroom shelf into the cut out area and seal in, paint or tile over.

Now that you’ve decided to give it a go, the only question remaining is how many to install. These nifty shelves are also known as shower niches, and are designed to be installed in the bathroom between two wall studs. Versatile and easy to clean, a recessed shelf can hold soap, shampoo containers, razors, and bubble bath bottles. You can even put in a small one near ankle height that can likewise serve as a durable shower foot rest.

Design Tips for Maximising the Use of a Recessed Wall Shelf

Now that you get the idea, measure up for more than one shelf at a time and create a balanced look to the space in your bathroom. Stop others fighting for space on the shelf by installing enough of them so that everyone gets their own bathroom shelf. Moreover, you might want keep your better half happy by installing a low height shower foot rest as a shower niche around 16 to 20 inches from the floor.

Install an extra recess for decoration purposes only, to draw the eye to some nice ornaments or scented candles, or even a little library shelf for a relaxing bath time experience. Add a recessed shelf under the sink or mirror unit where dry items such as cotton wool balls, earbuds, hairbrushes, and make-up can be stored.

It may not be so obvious at first, but you’ll eventually learn that the most attractive thing about installing a shower niche is how easy it is to store your bathroom implements and the fact that it is a permanent storage solution.


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