What is the most dangerous room in the home? Most experts would say that the kitchen holds that distinction; however, the bathroom definitely deserves special mention. After all, the bathroom presents a combination of hard, smooth surfaces and plenty of water, making it an area where slipping and falling are ever-present risks.

Safe Bathroom

Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to make you bathroom safe for everyone in the family. In fact, a quick bathroom renovation is all you need to achieve that goal. With that in mind, here are a few simple additions you can introduce to your bathroom to make it a safer place for you and your family:

Built-in Storage

Water from the bathtub or shower is often the prime cause of slip and fall accidents in the bathroom. In light of this, an article from Better Homes and Gardens offers the following advice:

… If you can do with a shower instead of a tub (or if you have enough room for a separate tub and shower), a walk-in shower without a threshold will reduce the risk of falling. To make your shower safer, equip it with grab bars, a bench, and storage alcoves that eliminate the need to reach far or stoop. Shower doors should be made of laminated glass with a plastic interlayer; tempered glass; or an approved, shatter-resistant plastic…

Fortunately, waterproof shower recesses aren’t very difficult to find. In fact, respected shower niche manufacturers like Ripple Systems Australia offer a diverse range of easy-to-install recesses that fit virtually in any bathroom.

Foot Rests

Speaking of showers, many people try to multitask while showering in an effort to save on time. Women, in particular, have a tendency to shave their legs in the shower. Naturally, trying to shave your legs and maintaining your balance while the water is running can be dangerous. To prevent such a scenario, add a stable footrest in the corner of your shower.

Proper Lighting

It isn’t uncommon to have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to notice a wet spot on the floor when the bathroom is dark and you’re still sleepy. Make sure that your lighting fixtures illuminate the entire bathroom adequately to prevent slipping on wet spots or tripping over mats.

(Source: Design a Safe Bathroom; RealEstate.com.au; June 13, 2012)

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