If there is one room in your house that is used the most, it has to be the bathroom. This is the place where you freshen up to start your day, and wind down after a gruelling, tiring one. That said, for a room that is often used, most of the time, bathrooms occupy the least floor space within your household—this is why you should know about some crucial points when you decide to do bathroom renovations or remodelling.

5 things to know about scheduling a bathroom renovation

Function Goes First

Any renovation project means sprucing up a certain area or room to make it both functional and stylish; however, you always run the risk of putting too much emphasis on style rather than function, which can be detrimental to your daily bathroom usage down the line. As such, you should always keep in mind that function goes first before anything else. This means that you should be more concerned with clearing out unwanted tiles, damaged or worn furnishings, and ensuring that the new flooring and tiles are installed properly.

Speaking of function, one of the main and obvious reasons why you use the bathroom is to maintain good hygiene by bathing regularly. This means that your plumbing should also be on your priority list when renovating your bathroom. Installing the correct taps, inspecting and replacing damaged or leaky pipes, and ensuring that water flows smoothly out the shower head, faucets, and toilet are essential—you wouldn’t want a bathroom that has shoddy plumbing now, would you?

Other Utilities

Once the plumbing is in fine working order, you can now determine where your nice bathroom niche is to be installed. Companies such as Ripple Systems offer a myriad of niche designs that can easily be installed for your newly-renovated bathroom. Their design mixes form and function, as they take up minimal space while at the same time make the most out of such small space they occupy for your toiletries and other bathroom paraphernalia while giving a sleek, modern vibe. Installing these niches eliminates the need for cumbersome baskets that look unappealing and could even damage your shower heads.

Such are the tips you have to take note of when you’re renovating your bathroom—maximise its function by installing proper flooring, tiles, and other fixtures for a convenient and comfortable environment.

(Source: 5 things to know about scheduling a bathroom renovation, RenovationPlanning.com.au)

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