Shower storage accessories are needed when you find yourself placing toiletries on the floor, the edge of the bath, or anywhere unsightly. Toiletries are a necessary part of day-to-day life when using your bathroom, and storing them in a practical yet stylish manner can enhance the look and feel of your bathroom and shower areas.


Bathrooms and showers are places where people like to unwind. Tripping over someone’s shampoo bottle (particularly those designed with a spiky spout on the top), is no way to start off a relaxing, bath-zen experience.

Options for Storing Your Bathroom Toiletries

Portable options for keeping things nice and tidy include installing a shower shelf or a shower caddy:

  • Shower caddies allow space for many toiletries and other items. Depending on how many shelf levels you choose, shower caddies can reach all the way to the ceiling. Most bolt on to the tap fixtures or hang from a hook system you nail into the tiled wall areas. Most common tap-hanging designs include three shelves. Floor-to-ceiling models seen in wet-room showers bolt into the corner of the shower recess and can be adjusted for the desired height you like.
  • Shower shelves might suit your bathroom or shower area if, for example, you have a shower over a bath. A few selectively placed shelves at the head-rest end of the bath recess can store several items within reach of the shower.

More permanent shower storage solutions include shower niche installations:

  • Shower niches can be installed if a more permanent solution is desired. These involve a bit of DIY; installing a recessed alcove box, tiling it over with your existing tile patterning, and then placing toiletries on the recessed shelf. This is the best option if you’d like something more permanent that has the added bonus of being easy to clean.

Whichever option you choose, ensure you measure the space you have to work with. It is very important for the visual appeal of the bathroom area to have the storage complement the design, and not overwhelm it. For example, if a shower shelf is too wide, it could impact the sense of comfort and relaxation one gets when lying in the bath, since there is too much overhang.

If drilling into tiles, make sure to use wall plugs and measure the caddies or shelves so that you drill into the grout area and not the tile itself. It is not the end of the world if you need to drill into a tile or grout joining. Just be aware that you’ll need grout to fix up the gaps left behind from small tile fragments and the grout surrounding wall plug fixings.

Adding shower storage is a breeze with shower shelf stores like Ripple Systems Australia, which offers pre-formed ready-to-tile bathroom accessories in sizes and shapes that would suit your bathroom design and architecture.

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