Sprucing up your home’s bathroom, just like any home improvement project, can either be a fun or harrowing experience. The latter is more likely to happen when you’re not aware of a couple of do’s and don’ts when it comes to conducting a proper bathroom renovation. As such, here are some useful tips you can use to ensure your bathroom project becomes a success.

Seven Tips for a Successful Bathroom Renovation

Do Begin with the End in Mind

Before you start scraping away the tiles, vanity mirrors, shower heads, and other bathroom essentials out of their bonded places, you first have to have a clear bathroom renovation plan. You have to discern what kind of renovation you want for your bathroom—is it simply a cosmetic tile replacement, or a complete overhaul? Researching and deciding what look you want your bathroom to exude once the project is done ensures that you’ll get a bit more out of your budget. For instance, when it comes to plumbing, if you’re planning to have your bathroom fully overhauled, it would be best to leave the plumbing where they are. Not only is retrofitting a new plumbing system expensive, it can also cause long-term damage. As such, keeping them in place lessens such risks from arising.

Don’t Go for Broke with a Bathroom that’s All Looks

A bathroom is supposed to be functional first, before being aesthetically pleasing. As such, it’s best to keep your bathroom design as simple as possible, emphasising on functionality above style. You can think of it this way: would you rather have a bathroom that looks nice but doesn’t function as it’s supposed to? One way to remedy this is by researching functional yet stylish bathroom furnishings such as bathroom niches and shower footrests, as these mix both utility and chic all at once.

Do Check for What You Need

As your bathroom starts to look more like what you’ve previously planned, it is best to check if there are still room for minor improvements. Small things like adding another frame or railing to hang your towels can go a long way. When it comes to your toiletries, for instance, opting to install a shower recess or niche is a good option, as these do not take up much space and are handy when you’re looking for a nice, secure place for your shampoos, conditioners, and other bathroom essentials. Fortunately, companies such as Ripple Systems offer various shower recesses that can be installed under your showers for a more convenient bathing experience.

A bathroom should be a place of convenience and relaxation. These can both be met by taking the simple do’s and don’ts above to heart when you’re planning to renovate your bathroom.

(Source: Seven Tips for a Successful Bathroom Renovation, YourMortgage.com.au)

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