Storage is a big concern in home remodelling projects, especially when it comes to full or small-scale bathroom renovations. After all, the bathroom has to hold quite a number of products and knick-knacks—makeup, razors, hairbrushes, toilet paper supplies—all of which need a place of their own. Without the right space, the bathroom could get cluttered, and when a bathroom gets cluttered, stress can’t be too far behind.

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Fortunately, squeezing a lot more space from the bathroom is possible with a few simple ideas. Here are some of them.

Get rid of unnecessary things – Managing your bathroom clutter entails a simple task: a thorough cleanout. Scour over your vast collection of toiletries and get rid items you haven’t used in more than a month. Move extra items like duplicate shampoo bottles into a guest bath or other appropriate area; and toss out all expired medicines (but remember to check for safe disposal options).

Use unexpected spaces – Who says you can only use “conventional” spaces to store your bathroom essentials? You can use virtually every available surface in the bathroom, provided you know how to work it. For instance, a small door organizer originally intended as a kitchen spice rack can be perfect for stashing small toiletries. Or, you can easily refurbish the bathroom with a shower recess, using a sturdy bathroom niche from sellers like Ripple Systems. Niches and nooks are perfect substitutes for bulky shower caddies or bulky cabinets, since they’re built right into the wall instead of onto it.

Place cleaning supplies higher up – Cleaning supplies aren’t used as often as soaps, shampoos, and the like, so they could be stored in a slightly more inaccessible place, such as above the bathroom mirror. However, keep in mind that the supplies should be easy enough to reach when you need them, while being out-of-reach by kids and pets. For added protection, store the supplies in plastic bins to prevent potential spills.

Hidden storage – Think the doors of your cabinets are only meant to cover things up? Think again. The insides of your cabinet doors may also be used for extra storage. You can install small racks and containers perfect for hair dryers and other items that you’d want to reach easily.

Go higher – If floor space is limited, go higher. Tower-style shelves only take up a small bit of floor space, yet offer plenty of added storage room for stacking towels and stashing toiletries. Your bathroom floor isn’t the only area that may be occupied. With a bit of imagination and ingenuity, you can add more storage space while freeing up more floor space.

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