In the bathroom, much time is spent trying to locate certain products like shower gels or razors that just seem to disappear right when you need them. The trick to not losing or misplacing them is by getting a recessed bathroom shelf. Keep your toiletries and other bathing necessities in a nifty shelf to make sure that you can sort them out properly, and never have the need to look for them when you’re in a rush.

How to Organize Your Bathroom Shelves

Hair and makeup brushes kept together in separate cases stay cleaner and take a smaller amount of spaces. Brushes are easy to lose because they can be brought in and laid anywhere. Having a place for them on the shelf makes it so that they would have one constant place to be placed in instead of all over the bathroom.

Hair accessories can get scrambled together and have a knack of knocking out each other as you reach for one of them. Placing them neatly in a basket on the shelf will lessen those incidents. It must be kept at a level of the shelf that is easily accessible because you might need to grab a few accessories at a time.

Place trays on the shelf to hold items such as extra salt scrubs, bath gels, shampoo, or soap so you’d know where to find them and they would be easy to reach for in case you need to use any of them.

Another useful add-on that may or may not already exist in your bathroom is the sturdy shower footrest, which is very helpful when shaving and soaping the legs. Instead of reaching down to do these things, you can just place your foot on the footrest so it won’t be as hard. The footrest commonly comes in the form of a bar or a pedestal.

Both the shelf and footrest are helpful things to have in the bathroom. If none of the two are in your current bathroom, invest in a shelf and, for the footrest, have it installed right away so that you will be able to experience the convenience it brings. Companies like Ripple Systems that install shower footrests may also have other offerings that are helpful in the bathroom such as shower niches, which are ideal for storage in the shower area.

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