When thinking about renovating a bathroom, it is natural to be tempted by super-slick designs and terrific showhome wetroom areas. And why shouldn’t these be attractive? After all, with a bit of know-how and creativity, these amenities can be yours to enjoy – all without a hefty price tag.


Another aspect to consider is that when reselling any house, the best option is to make bathroom renovations look as luxurious as possible. Many families shopping for new homes are prepared to pay top dollar for a top finish, and that includes the little touches such as luxury tap fittings and one or two shower niche units. With these facilities installed, the return on your investment later down the line can be in the thousands.

What to Install

When designing shower or bathroom renovations, think about what would impress a potential buyer. If you are planning to live in the space for a while, factor in what you and your family need in the room. How many shampoo bottles inhabit the space on a day-to-day basis? How functional is the bathroom? Is it a space to unwind or purely a practical room? The key to designing a successful bathroom or shower room is to combine these elements:

  • Whether wall-to-wall or done as an accessory to the main tile design, mosaics add a luxurious feel to any bathroom or shower. Note that mosaics cost more per square foot than larger tiles, and are best used as an enhancement.
  • Wetrooms and showers benefit from floor-to-ceiling tile design covering all four walls and the floor space. If you measure and purchase a luxury set of tiles, the only extra expense you’ll make is getting a tiler to install them. This is recommended because the design of a floor-to-ceiling area is complex and a very physically taxing job. To complete it properly is a task best left to the professionals.
  • Add a shower niche to a bathroom or shower. The handy alcove design is easy to install with many manufacturers selling measured models that fit neatly with your tiles. As this is a common element in showroom luxury designs for bathrooms, having one or more neatly inserted into the wall space of a bath or shower would really give off an atmosphere of luxury.
  • Shop around for taps, with emphasis on long and slender designs for bathrooms and sinks. Experiment with press-buttons and taps with lighting (bordering on the space-age) for wetrooms.

A final thought: hotels have wonderful designs that are sleek yet practical. Don’t be afraid to ask them where they source their stocks. They secure the best deals because they are in the business, and most won’t mind sharing the details with you.


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