Unless you’re a celebrity or a big shot living in a luxurious abode, there’s a huge chance that you have an average sized bathroom. If you’ve ever wanted to get rid of the feeling of being “boxed in”, you’ve probably thought of tearing down a wall and extending the entire room itself. Well, there’s only one word for that: pricey.

Yet with a bit of visual trickery, colour change, and lighting, you can make your small bathroom look bigger and feel cosier. Specific theories of space enlargement can apply to your bathroom, as with any other room in the house, making it possible to make an otherwise cramped space feel much bigger than it really is. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Make your Small Bathroom Look and Feel Larger

Storage wars – A bathroom may be as small as humanly possible yet still brim with sundry items inside. The first visual trick has to do with innovative storage ideas. For instance, you can opt to carve out additional storage by installing a recessed shower shelf between a large-enough space, such as where two walls meet, and store some of the smaller trinkets in there instead of placing them on the counter. These shelves certainly don’t take up floor space and are perfect for maximising as possible.

Maintain a uniform hue scheme – To create the illusion of more space, keep the colour scheme uniform instead of opting for alternating colours (e.g. black and white) that break the space up and make it feel smaller than it really is. Uniformity, however, does not necessarily equate to monotony. White is very much preferred as it reflects light and practically opens up a space, but other neutral colours also serve the purpose.

Bring in some bling– You can play around with jewel tones for that glimmering effect. Strategically placed in wall shower caddies with mosaic tiles from the likes of Ripple Systems make perfect choices. You can also augment the effect with a vividly designed wallpaper.

Let there be light – Letting in as much natural light as possible should be one of your topmost priorities. You still have to mind your privacy, though, so keep track of what you install. You can cover your windows with lighter shades that let as much sunlight through as possible.

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