From various lotions to your regular toiletries, a number of items can clutter a bathroom without effective storage organization. Bathroom fixtures and accessories like shower shelves and caddies can be used to properly store all your bathroom items. With careful strategy, organizing your items doesn’t have to cost a lot.


For homes in Australia, shower caddy options are not limited to bulky shelves and fixtures. In fact, the most effective bathroom organizers would probably be recessed shower shelves. This is particularly true in small bathrooms with little room to spare. Noted shower niche manufacturers like Ripple Systems offer different sizes of ready-to-install shower niches made with durable materials for longer use.

A shower niche is also a useful storage organizer because it can save a lot of space with its built-in feature, while holding small items in one place. Daily shower items like shampoo and soaps may be arranged in these space-saving caddies. This in-wall design can be placed in wall sections of large shower rooms or small shower cubicles.

Effective shower niches are those that are properly divided into dual or single shelves depending on the items to be stored. In-wall shower shelves are also ideal not just for their convenience and space-saving properties, but also for their aesthetic benefits. They can be tiled to match the rest of the bathroom walls, or with contrasting colours and designs. Likewise, the neat lines they create are suitable for any bathroom style.

Installing shower shelves in niches is actually simpler than it looks. It will help to know the number and size of products that you expect to store in the niche so you can come up with your desired size. Reputable suppliers like Ripple Systems can also customize sizes to match your needs. You also need to plan the location to ensure a convenient shower shelf.

To make sure the niche is attached securely, apply a silicone sealant to the shower niche before finishing it with the cement sheet. Silicone sealants will ensure that the cement sheets have less chances of being dislodged from the wall. If you are unsure about how to proceed, trusted suppliers can give you some helpful pointers.

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