Bigger bathrooms often suggest opulence and luxury—at least the luxury the owner would allow to create that big a space for a bathroom.  For most homeowners, however, particularly the more savvy ones, opting for modest bathrooms is an acceptable alternative where they can play around with the effects to make the space appear bigger through ingenious space-saving designs, including installing small-scale built-in organizers and shower niches.

One of these remarkable ideas for storage solutions is a recessed bathroom shelf, which may be bought in shower niche and footrest stores, such as Ripple Systems. These space-saving and time-saving products come in pre-fabricated and ready-to-tile forms. There are various sizes of dual shelves and niche storage solutions and these are made from durable and waterproof materials. The shelves, properly installed in its recessed niche, nicely fit the room’s overall aesthetics.

It helps, of course to arrange the shelves properly. De-clutter every drawer and cupboard of items that you don’t use anymore, or may be set in other areas or rooms of the house. Keep only what you will need within reach.

Just as you would with the whole house, you need to make the most of your bathroom space and find spots where storage solutions can be built.  Common hidden opportunities for storage include those behind the door, the medicine cabinet, and directly below a limited headroom, which may be utilized well with a clever and feasible layout. With a little interior design tweak that feature harmonizing contrasts, the strategy can spruce up previously bland corners.

Disarray in bathrooms often begin with clutter on the floor, overcrowding the space with more bins and baskets. You can avoid all this appearance of disorder by creating indented hollows and installing recessed shower niches and shelves. This way, you create more breathing space while maintaining a lighter feel to a neat bathroom. In-wall units by the shower area, with single shelves that may also serve as a corner shower foot rest, are preferable locations for bathing paraphernalia while plants and furniture may be placed in wall-mounted alcoves.

The statement, “less is better,” holds true in renovating bathrooms. A de-cluttered design, along with white colour or tones of softer palettes, make for a spacious, brighter, and more appealing look. A frameless shower screen also create an impression of wider views and the illusion of more space.


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Recess Time: Boost Your Bathroom Storage with a Niche

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