A large bathroom is quite ideal for many, but most households actually have smaller spaces where they can perform basic hygiene. Small bathrooms are the cost effective options in many homes, but without proper organization, they can get cluttered and uncomfortable. This does not have to be the case, as there are a number of solutions that can make even the smallest bathroom look good and give one a relaxing experience. All it takes are clever storage organizers and a bit of imagination.


A practical way to utilize space is to replace large storage solutions with moderately-sized organizers, such as coat hooks instead of towel rods, and magnet boards instead of storage boxes. To expand the small area, a large square mirror can be placed on top of the vanity, while a recessed bathroom shelf can hold small items in one place.

Installing Recessed Niches for Storage

Shower niches and footrest manufacturers like Ripple Systems offer different sizes of shower niches or recessed shelves to their customers, with ready-to-tile finishes. These companies recognize the housing trend of compact spaces, and offer space-saving solutions like bathroom niches.

You may even install these niches yourself, in easy steps. The first step is to determine the size that you want for the niche. You then need to accurately identify your wall studs, as the niches should be located between studs. Once you’ve done this, create a box outline on the wall by drawing lines of the perimeter. Cut out the portion of the wall along the lines you’ve made, making sure that you avoid cutting into the wall stud.

When you have the wall recess, the shelf can be put in place, using silicone sealant applied on the wall, and along the gaps between the niche and the wall. The good thing about ready-to-tile shower niches is that they come already assembled so you do not have to worry about attaching the boards one at a time. Products from reputable companies also conform to Australian construction standards, so you can expect the edges to be level with the bathroom wall surface when attached and tiled.

Installing a Shower Footrest

Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean you can’t have extras that will make your showering and grooming experience comfortable and safe. A functional shower footrest, for example, will make shaving your legs easier and more convenient. A corner footrest in particular, will not even take up added space in your bathroom, and may hold some bathroom supplies when not in use. Innovative companies like Ripple Systems also offer ready to install bathroom footrests that will make a quick and attractive addition to your bathroom.

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