Effective bathroom storage provides extra breathing space for homeowners while keeping various items in one place. To enlarge certain areas inside, shelving units are placed above the bathroom door or built within walls for a neat and elegant interior. A recessed bathroom shelf is slowly trending for its functional and versatile design in all bathroom sizes.


When planning to open up a wall for bathroom shelves, you may consult shower niche and foot rest experts like Ripple Systems who offer pre-fabricated and ready-to-tile shower niches for easier installation in any bathroom type. It is recommended that the recessed shelves be made waterproof to prevent the growth of mold and made from durable materials for longevity. Whether to be used as a bathroom shelf or shower footrest, homeowners can rely on professional shower installers and remodelers to accommodate adjustments in the bathroom design without neglecting design compatibility.

The biggest benefit of having recesses in bathrooms, in general, is that it does away with the need to keep buying bigger, bulkier cabinets just to be able to fit everything in it. Alternatively, it may also be used as a shelving unit or corner shower foot rest. For the shelving unit, the construction depends on the size of the space; a rectangular house frame may be used for a small spot above the door while a floor-to-ceiling design for that spacious area behind the door. Be careful when installing built-in walls in locations that may obstruct a pipeline.

Another significant place to install bathroom shelves are above vanities to store larger items like hair dryers and hair sprays. Recessing medicine cabinets is also a great idea, granted that there is enough space between the walls. Other than bathroom shelves, make use of other storage organizers like shower caddies and basket bins to arrange items in a way you may easily find them when needed.

Limited spaces can be designed to appear expansive using clear shower screens or wider vanity mirrors. Furthermore, replacing vanities with wall-mounted basins would contribute a lot of space. These are just some of the clever space-saving ideas that you could implement in your bathroom the next time you plan a bathroom remodeling or renovation. Ask the professionals to make sure that it will be feasible given the space you have available.

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