It doesn’t matter if you’re living with your family or with roommates: sharing a bathroom often proves to be a bane than a boon. It’s fair to say that bathroom sharing isn’t really popular with anyone, but while it’s certainly difficult, it can also be done effectively with the help of sound scheduling and nifty bathroom renovation tricks.

Squeezing a bit more storage space should be your foremost concern. Sharing a smaller bathroom with several people is highly likely to create clutter—from hair care products taking up cabinet space to toothbrushes all over counters, and almost everywhere people could stash their stuff. When it comes to creating additional space in a small bathroom, don’t look down; look up. Make use of your walls by adding new shelves, an over-the-door rack, bins under the sink, a caddy in the shower, or a sturdy shower recess from dealers like Ripple Systems.

Some scheduling magic can also make things work like a charm. No matter how good a job you’ve done cleaning up your business in the bathroom, not everyone who follows you will do the same thing. Sit down with all the people in the household and come up with a concrete cleaning schedule that everyone should endeavour to follow. Afterwards, the next thing to do is to make sure that everyone knows about the schedule and its minute details.

Next, you need to identify which things and areas are yours, as should your companions. You can start by labelling the shelves (but always remember to be fair). For instance: if you have four cabinets and there’s two of you sharing storage, splitting the available space in half is almost certainly a given. For items which need to be isolated (i.e. toothbrushes), it makes great sense to stash them in separate toothbrush holders.

Last but not least, keeping physical things orderly is one thing: you should also keep an eye on your relationships with the people you live with. Remember to exude understanding if you happen to see the bathroom in a mess; people might have been in a complete rush and didn’t have time to patch things up. If such things occur regularly, though, that’s the time you speak to them about the incident and gently correct their bad habits.

In the end, part of the success of these efforts will hinge on proper shelving and storage space. Let bathroom renovation experts from companies like Ripple System show you the way and guide your household to easier bathroom sharing.


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