A bathroom renovation is a major investment in your home; it is crucial in increasing its comfort, appeal, and value. Knowing where to compromise when formulating the plans and where to splash out are very important. This allows you to consider the quality of materials to be used and their durability when planning your bathroom renovation. Homeowners always want an inviting and convenient bathroom, one that is attractive as well as practical.


The available options for bathroom renovation are diverse, but the biggest constraint homeowners face is usually space. When optimising bathroom space, always think of functional shower recesses, storage, shelving, and niches—features that can limit the clutter that makes a bathroom appear smaller and less alluring.

Clever use of alcoves and recesses can make a fantastic shower cubicle even more desirable. If these shower recesses are used to store shampoos, soaps, and other products, then the clean lines of a well-designed bathroom become all the more apparent. Recessed niches not only make a bathroom look tidier, but the lack of clutter and the waterproof materials also reduce dampness and mould, which can be a problem in some bathrooms.

Incorporating clever designs into a bathroom layout right from the beginning can save time and money, and it is now so easy to have niched shelving, or even footrests built into your shower. It is no longer necessary to individually manufacture them, and then tile them to match the surrounding shower and bathroom. With niches and footrests manufactured by companies like Ripple Systems, it is now possible to get high-quality, pre-formed, and ready-to-tile products that homeowners can have installed.

Until recently, recessed shower niches were only available through expensive interior designers and their crew of artisan fabricators, but now, this elegant and practical option is available to everyone. Builders regularly integrate them into their bathroom renovations, and tilers find them to be a great time saver and easy to incorporate into the overall design. Even the DIY homeowner can easily achieve a high design standard bathroom renovation with no problems because they are one-piece, easy-to-install, and made to be leak-proof.


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