When organising or renovating any room in the house, being familiar with the current arrangement of the items helps you to know the subsequent layout desirable for the size and purpose of the place. This is particularly true for small bathrooms where every space should be maximised.

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Amid other available small storage solutions, the recessed bathroom shelf is trending among many homeowners right now as it not only presents an orderly bathroom, but also efficiently maximises all hidden and unused areas as well. Situated above the sink, below the ceiling or beside the shower room, a built-in structure can be placed in available areas that may seem awkward or counterproductive for storage. With some creativity, however, niches may also be combined with other organisers like putting hooks for hanging clothes and woven baskets for cosmetics.

How to Use Recessed Shelves

During the planning process, it’s important to segregate essential bathroom paraphernalia from those you don’t regularly use or no longer use. This will help you determine which items can remain inside the bathroom and which can either be thrown away or relocated to another room. With only the essentials left, the once limited size will feel a lot more expansive and much less cluttered.

Basically, all bathroom essentials have to be positioned in locations near to their purposes, like shampoos and conditioners inside the showers and toiletries inside the medicine cabinet. Since cabinets and cupboards consume too much space, it’s better to use alcoves instead for similar lighter utilities and allocate the large furniture to store heavier paraphernalia like hair dryers, hair sprays and bottled products. Another effective option is the use of a movable trolley with creative shelving, jewellery, hair equipment and cosmetics, which you can simply store outside the door or in a corner when not in use.

The vanity is actually an effective storage organiser if built properly. With a hollowed structure above and a lot of compartments and drawers below, you may store all of your bathroom items, both large and small in the vanity, of course still properly arranged. All it takes is a bit of resourcefulness and strategic planning to design a vanity unit that is most suitable and functional for your bathroom.

If you have yet to acquire an existing in-wall structure, bathroom niche providers like Ripple Systems can provide many a quality corner shower footrest and shower niche constructed from the best materials. For easier installation, products of established companies are mostly pre-fabricated and available in different sizes.


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