Looking for places to store various items is a common problem most homeowners have when organizing their bathrooms. When frustration hits, getting a bigger bathroom seems like the most viable option. You could also, of course, exercise a little creativity and resourcefulness to make the most of what space you have.

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Before you begin arranging anything, it’s important that you create a thorough plan or layout for how you want your bathroom to look like after the renovation, or after you’ve merely spruced it up. Produce an inventory or a list of all items currently placed inside, then separate the materials that you still need from those you don’t. Afterwards, position essential items like bathing paraphernalia in accessible locations such as inside the shower room or above the toilet and the rest in hidden areas.

One of the most popular storage solutions in Australia is the recessed shower shelf placed in any corner of the bathroom, used for small-scale items like shampoos and soaps. These built-in structures will not only get rid of large cabinets or cupboards, but installing them will also create more breathing area for the user.

An alcove is most helpful for small bathrooms for it can maximise all hidden and unused walls and corners, either above the basin, behind the wall or below the headroom. Since these are typically hollowed by nature, you may also install hooks and a shower caddy in them to hang clothes and towels.

When you look for niche providers, it’s more productive if they have a wide selection with different sizes and shelving types. Companies like Ripple Systems offer pre-fabricated alcoves for easier installation.

A shelved mobile trolley is also suitable for tools that can be put away when not in use like hair dryers, straighteners and beauty cosmetics. This presents more spaces for other daily stipulations like bathing products, toiletries and towels. Other storage organizers that may be used are floating shelves on top of doors, small baskets, or hooks and rails to hang clothes and towels.

Being familiar with the entirety of your bathroom environment will come in handy when planning the design of the space and the paraphernalia you require for a desirable output. Remember that the organizers mentioned should blend well with the room’s overall interior.


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