Requiring basic tools only (angle grinder / silicone gun) our shampoo niches are unique in the fact that they don’t require additional studs or noggins to support the shampoo recess. The frame of the shampoo recess is designed to suit Australian wall construction techniques, as such it sits flush with the showers fibre cement board and is supported by not just the silicone which is adhered to the internal side of the opposing wall but also the niches full perimeter which is also siliconed in.

How long do they take to install?

Take a peek at the installation video below, but your first one will take roughly ten minutes and every one after that will take less than 5 minutes (don’t worry, you don’t have to be a tradie either!)

  1. Hold Ripple niche in desired location (between studs) and trace a line around the perimeter.
  2. Cut out cement sheet to traced line with either a diamond or a masonry blade.
  3. Apply 100% silicone sealant to the plasterboard at the back of the cut– out section.
  4. Push Ripple niche firmly into place compressing silicone. Seal perimeter with 100% silicone, ensuring silicone is not smeared over the face of the niche or the cement sheet.

View Our Quick Install Video:

Cut / join in wall must have a membrane applied – feel free to apply another membrane over our pre-formed niche (not necessary but wont hurt).