Recess Renovation

In most homes, the bathroom occupies the smallest space in the floor plan, even if it is one of the most used areas in the house. The limited floor space brings about the need to be more efficient when it comes to the placement of bathroom features and storage areas. If you find your bathroom lacking the storage surface that you or your family requires, you can always opt for a recess renovation.

With a recess renovation, you can maximise every inch of your bathroom’s surface area—horizontally and vertically. A shower niche can be built to keep your bathroom products organised and stored conveniently. You can have a place for all your bath time needs while maintaining the streamlined look of your bathroom.

At Ripple Systems Australia, we believe that every bathroom can be made more functional and more beautiful by installing a bathroom niche. Our products have been used in thousands of installations; the quality of our shower recesses proves time and again why we are the industry’s trusted supplier.

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How Shower Recesses can Improve Your Bathroom

For those who want a clean and tidy bathroom, shower recesses are the best choice! You can forget all about your bath products spilling out of wire caddies and hooks. A well-measured shower recess is a very effective way to get more space in your bathroom.

You can say goodbye to your previous problems over bathroom space by planning storage before renovating. The use of shower caddies can free up valuable floor area while adding visual interest to the bathroom. You can store all kinds of bathroom supplies—from shampoo bottles and soaps to sponges, razors, and more.

Tested and Proven Products

Make your bathroom recess renovation stress-free by getting your shower niche from Ripple Systems. Building a waterproof, seamlessly tiled shower storage surface can be a laborious task, even for professionals. Thanks to our advanced European system, our shower recesses are without a doubt the easiest and quickest to install—just ask the builders that prefer our products over anything else in the market!

Our products are known for their dependable waterproofing, so you can be sure that moisture won’t be seeping into the walls to cause expensive damages. With our pre-fabricated bathroom niche, you don’t need to worry about the corners being susceptible to the growth of mold. We stand behind the high quality of our Australian-made products and offer a lifetime guarantee on all our shower caddies and footrests.

Homeowners who want to do a DIY renovation of their bathrooms, remodeling specialists, and professional tilers and builders all trust in our products to deliver only the finest results. Get your shower caddy today and we’ll deliver it fast and free delivery across the Eastern States of Australia!

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